The Architecture of Information

Routledge 2011

Martyn Dade-Robertson


An exhibition of selected works is currently underway in Durham's Net Park Incubator

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Data Portraits featured on the BBC News Webstite.

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Data Portraits featured on the Telegraph Website.

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Data Portraits featured in National Geographic

If Google were an artist what would it paint? The Google eye view of the world would be of a vast landscape of connections; in the words of William Gibson in Neuromancer, a world of:


?Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding.?


But this is a world we never see other than in fleeting glimpses through the narrow portal of our web browser?s window...until now.



Data Portraits represent a new art concept. Developed by the Newcastle based artist Karamba and academic Dr. Martyn Dade-Robertson, Data Portraits are derived from the data we use every day and represent the footprint that we all leave on the digital world, either directly through our creation of personal web spaces or indirectly as we interact with cyberspace through web searches or blogs.


Martyn has developed a way of mapping web sites to freeze them at a point in time. He is able to capture, not only the navigational links that a web user sees, but also links to code, images, videos and the layer of external links which, together, make up the complete structure of a web site. Using these web maps, Martyn is able to create incredibly complex drawings ? each one of which is unique and visually stunning.