The Architecture of Information

Routledge 2011

Martyn Dade-Robertson


An exhibition of selected works is currently underway in Durham's Net Park Incubator

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Data Portraits featured on the BBC News Webstite.

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Data Portraits featured on the Telegraph Website.

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Data Portraits featured in National Geographic

Stage 1: Commission and Verify

Send us the URL you want to map. It can be anything: your company?s website, your personal website or just a site you often used. We will then verify whether the site can be mapped. Sometimes a website is simply to large for us to produce a full map, however, even in these Betsson circumstances we will map the sites 'centre' (usually between 7-10 thousand of the sites core links).  This process costs £20 and is refundable if the site cannot be mapped or you go ahead with a full commision.


Stage 2: Map and Visualise

If the site can be mapped we will then produce a two page data sheet telling you what we?ve captured and giving you a preview of the map at low resoluotion and with details. We will also make recommendations about print, style and finishing options and prices.


Stage 3: Post-Production and Print

If you choose to go ahead we will do the final post production on the image. We will then process, print and frame the image (depending on the package you have chosen) and post the results out to you.


If you want to go ahead with a test map contact Martyn Dade-Robertson: